Care Services

Broadacres is a fully licensed assisted living facility offering personal care and respite care. Our 24 hour a day professional staff are dedicated to providing personalized premium quality care to residents. Services Include:
House Services & Safety

Broadacres features quality equipment and aids necessary to providing the very best care:

Broadacres' is a single floor facility, allowing easy access to all residential areas. The building has been completed renovated and upgraded to hospital class building codes. Our up to date monitored security system and punch coded entry/exit system ensures resident’s safety, while maximizing their ability to move freely within the facility.

Broadacres utilizes a state-of-the-art fire suppression system including a fully monitored two stage fire alarm with additional equipment for both visually and hearing impared clients. Both wet and dry fire suppression sprinklers and an on-site 16,000 gallon water delivery system have been installed.

Food Services

Our full time cook makes use of the custom kitchen to prepare meals of the highest nutritional quality. Residents receive three home-cooked meals per day.

Situated on nine acres of prime agricultural land reserve, Broadacres has the capabilty to grow its own fresh produce in our community garden.

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